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Articles and items for News Around and What's On which are of general interest to all our readers are warmly invited and must be submitted by the 1st day of the month preceding the month of issue. We give precedence to local topics and authors must agree to the submitted pieces being edited where necessary. The editors are Pauline Montgomery and Linda Thornton; look inside the latest issue of the Magazine for more contact details and to see who will be editing the next issues.

We publish articles from individuals and also organisations in the 'not-for-profit', community, voluntary, charity and public sectors. We are careful not to include material which is specifically linked to promoting any particular business or political cause. This does not preclude a business owner from writing an article of general interest in a personal capacity providing that there is no explicit connection to their specific business.

What's On

The What's On listing includes free entries for the 'not for profit', community, voluntary and charity sectors. Services or classes which provide income for individuals or businesses which support the viability of the magazine by a commitment to regular advertising are also entitled to a limited number of lines in the listing. Others are able to purchase lines in What's On at the following rates:

Lines 6 issues 12 issues
2 £30
4 £60 £108
6 £90 £162

Please contact Stan Rodliffe to advertise or to purchase lines in What's On.

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